Interview with Jewel K. Goode

My love affair with foreign languages, art history, photography, architecture, design, and travel began very early. I attended a Quaker boarding school before receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and French from a private liberal arts institution. Afterward, I spent a significant amount of time in Europe and Canada where I completed two Master of Arts degrees – one in French Civilization and Culture in Paris, and the other in Italian Studies in Florence. I have since obtained a third Master of Arts degree in Global Communications and Fashion in Paris while pursuing doctoral studies.

Experiencing life at the Sorbonne and the Università di Firenze have been significant milestones in my academic career. These unique international opportunities allowed me to sharpen linguistic skills and effectively merge them with my studies which had a strong Art History emphasis. I have always believed in the transformational power of education, so I soon embarked on a career teaching both French and Italian at the University level. While in Rome, I also completed a T.E.F.L. certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). During my time abroad, I am constantly inspired – and grateful – to have lived in some of the most fascinating cities including Paris, Avignon, Florence, Siena, Berlin, Bayreuth, Toronto, and London. I have spent countless hours strolling through cobblestone streets, learning foreign languages, reveling in the artworks of museums and galleries, or simply enjoying the ambiance of cozy cafés.

How did your academic diplomas, degrees, or certificates prepare you for your current position?

Currently, I am a Global Communications Specialist, Writer, Art Curator, and Photographer, which has provided a myriad of exciting opportunities. Most recently I worked at the UNESCO HQ in Paris, serving as the Silk Roads Communications Officer, as well as the Digital Communications Officer for the #WIKI4WOMEN global initiative. In addition, I was fortunate to have worked at the prestigious Opéra national de Paris – Palais Garnier and Opéra Bastille Dance Department, where I acted as a cultural liaison and assistant to choreographers, artists, and directors. Moreover, extensive research, writing, and creativity have allowed me to fully immerse myself in various endeavors, especially when working as an Investor Relations assistant for a Paris-based, luxury spirits company where I was responsible for the financial communications.

I have also obtained a Museum Studies Certification. During that time, I learned about the theoretical and practical aspects of the art world, from installing exhibitions to essential business practices. This eventually led to work at a contemporary art museum in San Diego where I was fortunate to have worked with both the Associate Curator and Senior Marketing and Communications Manager. Experience in publishing informational texts and sourcing original images has kept me actively engaged in formal analyses necessary for effective curatorial procedure across all domains. And yes, I am thinking of publishing a book about my experiences, especially since I consider myself a writer, first and foremost.

Do you think art should be thoughtful, fun, informative, or intuitive?

Art has the power to evoke complex, emotional responses. Individuals perceive the world subjectively, constructing meaning from personal experiences, interactions with the environment, and social engagement. Understanding the mutually interdependent, symbiotic relationship between language, art, culture, and society ultimately shapes one’s perception of the world. A commitment to continual learning, combined with a passion for art history, design, and foreign languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, German, and Spanish, has merged my scholarly ambitions and creative tendencies in a cohesive way.

How would you increase interest and educate the general public?

Facilitating innovative environments that integrate outreach opportunities allows educators to share acquired knowledge, expertise, and technical skills, while promoting intercultural competence and empathic behavior. Furthermore, enhancing digital diffusion by improving computer literacy widens the demographic outreach, increases interest, and raises awareness of photography and visual arts through informational texts, personal blogs, and interviews. The dynamic, interactive quality of social media platforms such as FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube provide unlimited opportunities to initiate discussions about cultural events, artistic trends, museum and gallery exhibitions, and theatrical performances. I am also excited to announce that the publication of my PARIS photo book is available for purchase. Find it on AmazonBlurb, and in the Apple iBookstore.

Would you ever be interested in opening a Fine Art Gallery?

Professional endeavors involving the collection of fine art and gallery ownership appeals to my sublime love of art, design, and curating, and effectively combines acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies. Completing the Museum Studies program instilled confidence, emphasizing the importance of logistical aspects pertaining to the rigorous process. Therefore, careful consideration has been given to opening an International Fine Art Gallery, with positive and negative benefits of entering a highly competitive field continually assessed.

What is your favorite artistic era, and what is your favorite museum, gallery, or exhibition space?

The subject of my French Master of Arts thesis concerned 19th century European Orientalism, offering complete immersion into that artistic era for an extended period of time. However, while living in Berlin, curiosity for the Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, and German Expressionism significantly increased. This constantly evolving process of preferred aesthetic qualities continues to provide balance, equilibrium, and harmony while living in La Jolla, California, and Paris, France. As an example, visiting the Quay Branly Museum and the Picasso Museum activates a keen interest for African, Oceanic, and Aboriginal art. As a result, choosing a favorite museum, gallery, or exhibition space is difficult, since unexpected quirks or grandiosity are always appealing. Therefore, each individual experience should be appreciated without the need to compare it with another. For instance, the Louvre in Paris, France evokes a different set of emotional responses than the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany, or the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.
Jewel K. Goode
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